The goal of the 1st Annual Gala Fundraiser Dinner is to provide mutual benefit to both APTC and the sponsoring supporter. A corporate sponsorship with APTC serves to increase visibility of and raise community awareness of the enrichment programs and invovlement that APTC provides to our CSD community.

A sponsorship with APTC provides an opportunity for an organization to promote their brand year- round to develop brand affinity with the various programs. As an APTC sponsor, you can reach parents as well as APTC and school decision makers.

In addition to any financial commitment a sponsor may make, we strongly encourage their employes to become active participants and leaders in their communities at the school level, council level. APTC encourages parent and corporate involvement in the CSD. APTC is committed to building strong communities, strong community leaders and advocating for all Deaf children. A sponsor should endeavor to achieve these same goals.

Your contribution to APTC will help us continue to establish programs for students and concerned parents to help how to be advocates for their children. Provide resources to parents seeking to retrieve further information. Speak on issues of critical important impacting the education, health, and welfare of all Deaf children, and support legislation that benefits all Deaf children.