Support APTC

Your involvement helps us stay committed to our project work, moved by our programs, connected to empowering our CSD Students, educated by our utmost teachers, or enriched by our workshops and events. Here are some ways to show your support…

Joining the APTC Membership

It will give you the feeling of being part of a community of caring, concerned parents. It often surprises many people who join APTC is that they discover how much in demand their special talents are. Adults who love to organize, plan, recruit, decorate, paint and play games will find that their willingness to share these skills is much appreciated by APTC leaders and the kids they represent. APTC is important support systems for school at all levels. Doesn’t it make sense to volunteer some time working with APTC established to make your child’s school the kind of place that will prepare him/or her for the world beyond. Being able to both help your child/student and make them proud of you at the same is a pretty good deal, it’s what the APTC offers parents/guardians, teachers, and counselors.

Come join us the circle of membership! Click here to download for the membership form.

Volunteering at APTC Events

It is easy to volunteer at one of our events. We host a vareity of fundraising events and activties throughout the year. Right now, we are urgently seeking volunteers for our First Annual Fundraising Gala! We also seek for sponsors with financial or in-kind donations! APTC’s 1st Annual Sip, Savor & Support Fundraising Gala sponsorship begin at $500 and up for varying levels can be found here by clicking on “Sponsorships” link above.

Make a Cash or Online Donation to APTC

A contribution of cash is the easiest way to support the mission of the APTC. Your generous donation is tax deductible. Checks can be made payable to APTC and may be sent to:

Association of Parents, Teachers and Counselors

39350 Gallaudet Drive, Fremont, CA 94538

It’s easy to make an online donation to APTC by using your credit card (VISA or MasterCard). Donations made online are secure and powered by PayPal.